Next election is soon!

The election has been called - taking pretty much everyone by surprise.

But sadly, we won't be running TwittElection this time. This is mostly for three reasons:

  • The API that we've been using has been turned off, and I don't have time to rewrite the site to use the replacement version
  • This has always been a project that I've run in my spare time. But the new Twitter API costs money to use - so running the site would probably bankrupt me
  • Since Elon Musk took over at Twitter (or "X") it is no longer as central to the conversation as it once was. It's likely that a large proportion of candidates won't be using Twitter this time

We hope to be back at some point in the future, doing something similar, but using different tools.

For every UK general election since 2015, we have created a Twitter list for each of the 650 parliamentary constituencies in the UK and we are populating those lists with the known candidates from those constituencies (using data from those lovely people at Democracy Club). This will, hopefully, make it easier for you to find your candidates on Twitter and follow what they are saying.

Just go to our constituencies page and find your constituency on the list. You can find out which constituency you can vote in by visiting this useful page.

Update (25 Nov 2019): As well as our traditional constituency lists, we have now added lists for every party standing in this general election. Please let us know if you find those useful.