About this site

Since the general election in 2010, Twitter use in the UK has expanded massively. You're no-one if you're not on Twitter.

With that in mind, this site gives you a simple way to track what candidates in a general election are saying on Twitter.

We have created a Twitter list for each constituency. Each list is automatically populated with the Twitter usernames of all the known candidates in that constituency. We have a page for each constituency which displays what the candidates are saying on Twitter.

If you find this site useful, please let us know.

This site is built using the Twitter API.

The site was built using Bootstrap, jQuery, Modernizr and Initializr.

The site is hosted on GitHub Pages.

The code is written in Perl (and is available on GitHub).

The data comes from Democracy Club. If you have any information about candidates for the upcoming election, then please consider sharing it there.

Dave Cross was convinced that the 2010 general election would be dominated by Twitter. He was wrong, but now thinks that if he makes the same prediction for every general election he'll get it right eventually.

He has voted in every general election since 1983 and has even been known to be one of those annoying people who try to collect your voter number at the polling station. On another occasion he stayed up all night trying to ensure that the Guardian web site published results as quickly as possible.

He is @davorg on Twitter. And would love to hear whether you found this site at all useful.